What kind of wine pairs with your man?用哪款葡萄酒来搭配你的汉子?

Author/作者: Isabell  (伊莎)

Chinese Translator/中文母语翻译: 杜小雯 (Xiao)

Steak and red wine, my absolute favorite, I would not share this with a nudist hippie if you paid me. / 牛排和红酒,我的最爱,如果你付钱给我,我不会和一个裸体嬉皮士分享。Photo (credit: @food_writer)

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英文原声 – English by Isabell (伊莎)

中文原声 – Chinese by 杜小雯 (Xiao)

The old saying goes “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” – I have no idea if this is true since I am perpetually single, although, perhaps this says something about my cooking skills?  however, I am inclined to believe it is the type of men…but I digress. On a first date, most people naturally match up a meal choice with a person and worry about the wine choice later– but this might not be the right way to go about things…bear with my mental highway for a moment. We like to think that everyone loves a good steak with a glass of Bordeaux red, or a good Merlot right? but what if the man you are faced with is a pescatarian who lives in a nudist hippie commune in Southern Arizona? This is unlikely to be a Bordeaux red consuming individual, let alone a porterhouse lover. So, maybe the way to go about solving the menu dilemma is to adopt a different strategy; pair up the male with the wine first and then consider the food after…let me flesh out this theory, at the very least it’s entertaining and remember food is optional on a first date, especially if you’re dealing with someone who does not like Bordeaux red wine.  

The 60’s is clearly a good image to start this journey off with… / “60后”显然是一个开始这一旅程的好形象… (credit: @60sculture)


My face when I am looking at someone who does not eat steak and drink Red Wine like Merlot / 当我看着一个不吃牛排,不喝梅洛红葡萄酒的人时,我的脸的样子 (credit: @allthe_rightmovies)

The traditionalist/ 传统派爷们 :

Ahhh the traditionalist, this is an interesting one, they love the holidays and the matching family pyjama photos at Christmas, carving the Sunday roast and quite possibly going to church each week just because that is what he has always done since the 1980’s, so why mess with a habit that just seems right (this is by no means a jab at religion by the way). Thus, the wine pairing must also have some kind of traditional element, so why not try a Sangiovese with this customary creature. In Latin (might I note here, a “traditional” tongue), the name literally means “blood of Jove,” which suggests a possible ancient Roman origin. Sangiovese is often a medium-bodied wine, quite often with a bitter finish and high natural acidity. On the palette you may notice spicy notes as well as fruit like strawberry, blueberry and plum. When aged in barrels, this wine may have an oaky and even tar-like flavour.

Suggested pairing: 2009 Villa Al Cortile, Brunello di Montalcino DOCG, Italy

The “traditionalist” in his environment / 环境中的“传统主义者”(Photo credit: @popsugarmoms)


推荐搭配: 2009年份Villa Al Cortile的蒙塔希诺·布鲁奈罗(Brunello di Montalcino)DOCG,意大利

A Piccini Brunello, Sangiovese at its finest. / 最好的桑娇维塞Piccini布鲁内罗。(Photo credits: @picciniwines @ggpiccini)

The New-Age man / 新时代小哥 :

Back to the nudist hippie from Arizona. The new age man is that free-spirit who loves his fellow neighbours, hugging trees and his healing crystal garden, he sings kumbaya in the rain and never misses his weekly horoscope in the local organic market flyer. Perhaps he owns that spice shop down the road and takes his cat (or pooch) to weekly healing spiritualist retreats in the forest. This is clearly a vast over dramatisation of the new age man, but I believe I headed in the right direction with this. The right pairing here is a Rosè… not a red or white, but an ohm-like balance between the two… fruity and fresh; preferably organic or biodynamic. 

Suggested pairing: 2017 Winter’s Hill Estate Dry Rosè, from Oregon. Organic, creamy and round; described as having “barnyardy notes”. 

The new ager with his best friend / 新时代小哥和他最好的朋友 (Photo Credit: @https://sites.google.com/site/60sculture/)


推荐搭配: 2017年份Winter’s Hill酒庄的干型玫瑰葡萄酒。有机,光滑细腻且圆满;被描述为有“乡村牛圈气息”。

Winter’s hill Rosè / Winter’s hill 的玫瑰红葡萄酒 (Photo Credit: @wintershillwine)

The tall dark and handsome / 高黑帅

Definitely my favourite of all the beasts on this list of stereotypes, hell, this one is probably everyone’s favourite. This is the man with the perfectly chiseled derrière, the freshly fallen out of bed hair, a 5-O’clock shadow and eyes that will take you to the Kasbah, the ones that hide the scantily clad harem you likely wonder about every time he flashes those perfect pearly whites. So, this one is definitely a primitivo type. a key red-wine DOC of Italy’s southern region. In addition to the standard dry wines, there is also a sweeter version of this wine: Primitivo di Manduria Dolce Naturale. Primitivo, the grape variety from which these wines are made, is very traditional in this part of Italy; Manduria is Primitivo’s natural home (even if the variety arrived there from Croatia). It has a ruby red color, with purple reflections. The nose is very intense with flavours like cherry, plum, cocoa and vanilla. In the mouth it is structured with amazing warmth.

Suggested pairing: 2017 San Marzano Primitivo di Manduria DOC “Talò” 

It’s all in the eyes… / 啥也不说、都在眼睛里… … (Photo Credit: @manna_steele)

在这张关于汉子的刻板印象列表中,这绝对是我最爱的“野兽”。而可恶的是,这张可能是每个女人梦中情人的样子。这个男人有着轮廓分明的臀部,刚从床上掉下来的头发,5点钟方向的影子和会把你瞬间带到Kasbah古堡的眼睛。那个每次他电人笑容珍珠白闪过时,你可能会幻想这个拥有后宫的男人一丝不挂的样子。所以,这肯定是要共饮普里米蒂沃(Primitivo)的男人。意大利南部地区的一种重要的红葡萄酒。除了标准的干型葡萄酒,这款酒还有一个更甜的版本: 自然甜型的曼杜里亚的普里米蒂沃(Primitivo di Manduria Dolce Naturale)。普里米蒂沃是生产这些葡萄酒的葡萄品种,在意大利的这个地区非常传统;曼杜里亚是普里米蒂沃的天然家园(即使该葡萄品种是从克罗地亚传到这里的)。它呈宝石红色,带有紫色反光。香气非常浓郁,有樱桃、李子、可可和香草的味道。在口中,它很有结构、且呈现出令人惊艳的温暖。

推荐搭配: 2017年份San Marzano “Talò”,曼杜里亚的普里米蒂沃(Primitivo di Manduria)DOC

San Marzano “Talò” (Photo Credit: @sanmarzanowines)

The snob / 势利鬼

This is a fun one, the man who loves his antique clock and the New York Times since GQ just won’t do for his Saturday brunch at the golf club. I am picturing a stuffy brit, or a New England Mayflower descendant, the opinionated realist that qualifies every statement with a factual quip, something he picked up in an over-priced boarding school while learning which fork to use for the oysters (clearly I am having trouble describing this one, but just because they have a silver spoon lodged up there, does not mean the wine they pair with is bad at all!) This one is a no-brainer. Some of the most expensive wines in Italy are also the best. A Sassicaia or an Ornellaia would do nicely with this man. Ornellaia is from the DOC Bolgheri in Tuscany, they make Super Tuscans, and are thought of as one of Italy’s foremost Bordeaux-style wine producers. The below suggestion is a cuvée of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc & Petit Verdot. It has rich fruit aromas, with balsam undertones. In the mouth it is concentrated, smooth and round, the flavour lingers on, just like the Cuban cigar this date has been puffing away on since before the sun went down on his Rolls Royce…

Suggested Pairing: Ornellaia 2011 “L’Infinito” BOLGHERI DOC SUPERIORE ROSSO

Only Willie Wonka would do for this portrayal / 只有Willie Wonka可以胜任这个角色 (Photo Credit @michigantheater

这无疑是个有趣的汉子:他喜欢他的古董钟和《纽约时报》。因为男士杂志《潇洒》并不适合在高尔夫俱乐部吃周日早午餐时阅读。我想象着一个古板的英国人,或者一个新英格兰“五月花号”的后裔,一个固执己见的现实主义者,用事实性的俏皮话来修饰每一个陈述,他在一个价格过高的寄宿学校里学着用哪个叉子吃牡蛎的时候学会了一些东西 (显然我很难描述这一个,仅仅是因为他是含着银勺子长大的,并不意味着他们搭配的酒是糟糕的!)这个不需要花太多心思。意大利一些最贵的葡萄酒也是最好的。西施佳雅(Sassicaia)或奥纳亚(Ornellaia)会很适合这位“绅士”。奥纳亚(Ornellaia)来自托斯卡纳的宝格丽(Bolgheri) DOC,他们生产特级托斯卡纳葡萄酒,被认为是意大利最重要的波尔多风格葡萄酒生产商之一。以下的推荐是赤霞珠(Cabernet Sauvignon)、梅洛(Merlot)、品丽珠(Cabernet Franc)和小维多(Petit Verdot)的混合。它有着馥郁的果香,隐约中有淡淡的香脂气息。在口中,它是集中的、光滑的和圆润的,香气迂回萦绕。当夕阳在他的劳斯莱斯上缓缓退去时,这场约会如雪茄烟雾一般被吹散。

推荐搭配: 2011年份奥纳亚 “L ‘ Infinito”宝格丽超级红葡萄酒DOC

Ornellaia 2011 “L’Infinito” / 奥纳雅2011年份“L’Infinito” (Photo Credit: @ornellaiawinery)

The youngster / 青春扑鼻的小伙儿 :

Now this one is tricky, let us not imagine an acne covered youth in his late teens-early 20’s who has not changed his socks and underwear in weeks since he has yet to stop at mum’s for laundry service. Rather, this is the wide-eyed, bushy tailed optimist, full of idealism and sheer joie de vivre. He is the breath of fresh air who joins the peace-corps and helps to mow lawns for the elderly in his spare-time; the babyface with baby-blues that makes you want to believe in humanity (ok, perhaps this is taking it a little far, I enjoy my cynicism, I came by it honestly through hard work). So, this is the Bardolino wine, or the Beaujolais, both are very similar, wines that are typically consumed young, celebrated and loved the world-over. The Chénas, the rarest cru in Beaujolais is often described as Burgundian in style, the Chénas is a Cru with minerality… “This is a wine with perfect balance between aromas of ripe fruit…more like a Pinot Noir from Burgundy, fruity and spicy, in a robust and delicate body.” I could not have said it better myself.

Suggested Pairing: 2015 PDO Chénas “Les Jean Loron – Cuvée Carelle

“The Spirited youth” / “这年轻的灵魂” (Photo Credit: @officialconscious)

现在这一个是棘手的,让我们不要想象一个满脸青春痘的青年在他十八九岁-20岁出头的时候和他已经有几周没有换洗袜子和内衣,因为“妈妈洗衣服务”还尚未关门。更确切地说,这是一个眼睛睁得大大的、毛发浓密的乐观主义者,充满了理想主义和纯粹的生命欢愉(joie de vivre)。他是刚刚入职世界和平组织的小鲜肉,在业余时间会帮助社区老人修剪草坪;带着婴儿忧郁的娃娃脸让你想要相信人性(好吧,也许这有点过分,我喜欢我的愤世嫉俗,因为我是在岁月的摸爬滚打中获得它的)。因此,这是巴多利诺(Bardolino)葡萄酒,或博若莱(Beaujolais)葡萄酒,两者非常相似,这种葡萄酒通常是年轻时饮用的,为全世界所喜爱。Chénas,是博若莱村庄中、非常罕见的有着勃艮第风格的葡萄酒,Chénas是一种带有矿物质的博若莱村庄葡萄酒……”这是一种成熟水果香味完美平衡的葡萄酒……更像勃艮第的黑比诺,果香浓郁,辛辣,酒体饱满而精致”。我想不到更为生动的描述了。

推荐搭配: 2015年份 Chénas “Les Jean Loron – Cuvée Carelle PDO

The life of the party / “为派对而生”的王子 :

And last but not least, I present the life of the party. The blonde-haired mess that hates to miss a single gathering, they have a fantastic sense of humour and can go ages without sleep. They never take life too seriously and remember to bring you flowers every time they forget about you in the line-up at Burgerland because they had to pop to the next-door shop for a pack of gum, only to get side-tracked by the troupe of Christmas Carollers who invited him to come-a-long for a sing-along. This is the every-man’s-man, the fun and humour of the party, the slender delight of the night, the one-night-stand you probably should have said no to but could not resist. This one is definitely a Prosecco type, full of bubbly scents of life-like fresh fruit, like apples, peaches and pears, wild flowers and joy. 

Suggested pairing: Bisol Prosecco, “Jeio” Valdobbiadene  

This is Alexander Skarsgard, take note, he might not actually be the life of the party but he certainly is pretty / Alexander Skarsgar,他可能不是派对的主角,但他确实很帅气 (Photo Credit: @worldofskarsgard11)


推荐搭配: Bisol “Jeio”,普罗塞克 Valdobbiadene

Jeio by Bisol (Photo Credit: @bisolprosecco)

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