Speak to the right people when you need it 当你需要的时候,和合适的人说话

Becoming a go-between means adding the right amount of professionalism whilst practicing effective conversation. We provide liaison services between individuals and companies in the wine industry, whether in Europe, the US or China.


We are in Italy, one of the most prolific wine producing countries in the world and we have the skills to bring people together.


We can…

Help to establish an initial connection; set up meetings; set up appointments; mediate conversations and meetings; assist in the negotiating requirements of Group A with Group B; keep each group informed of the other’s requirements & timelines; answer emails/offer correspondence as needed; offer useful ideas and insights; collect information for either party; act on behalf of your company or yourself; attend meetings in person and much more.


帮助建立初始连接 | 预定会面时间 |约定见面时间 |调解对话和会议 | 协助甲组与乙组协商要求 |让每个小组了解对方的要求和时间表 | 根据需要回复电子邮件/提供信件 | 提供有用的想法和见解 | 为任意方收集信息 |代表你或你的公司执行商务活动 | 亲自参加会议

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