Being understood is important…In English or Chinese.


We understand the issues you struggle with. We are language people therefore, we have experience editing and proofreading documents in a wide variety of subjects, whether in the academics, business or the personal sphere. We can help you to communicate more clearly, revising your work for things like clarity, word choice, idioms, article usage, countable nouns as well as grammar and spelling, we can also help you with clarity or just simply to ensure that you avoid being misunderstood.

我们了解困扰您的问题。 我们是以文字“谋生”的人。因此无论是在学术、企业还是个人,我们都有丰富的编辑和校对文档的经验。我们可以帮助您进行更清楚的表达,针对诸如表意清晰,词汇选择,成语,文章引用,可数名词以及语法和拼写等方面对您的作品进行修订,我们还可以让您表意清晰、且确保能避免您被误解 。

We can offer original content in Chinese and English to promote digital brands, editing services for websites, blogs, press releases and just about any other digital media.


Our fast turnaround will help you save time and give your writing a competitive edge. Using a service such as this one will help your company look more professional, earning you respect for your content.

我们快速的交稿时间将帮助您节省时间,并使您的写作更具竞争优势。 使用这样的服务可能意味着赢得同事,顾客和客户的尊重和赞誉。

We Translate / Proof-read / Edit / Critique / Write:

Wine content, English Academic Editing; English Dissertations; Theses; Proposals; English admissions essays; Manuscripts; Business documents; Websites; Blogs; Personal letters; Websites & Legal documents.


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