Is biodynamic cultivation popular in China?生物动力耕作方式在中国很受欢迎吗?

Author/作者: Isabell

Chinese Translator/中文母语翻译: 杜小雯 (Xiao)

1 of 2 Identifying the biodynamic basics.

1 of 2明确生物动力法的基础

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English (Isabell 伊莎)

Chinese (Xiao 杜小雯)

For those who do not know about this farming practice already, biodynamics is becoming very popular in western vine cultivation. It has some very strange methods but there are some reputable studies over the last years that have found it to be a viable form of agriculture (financially, ethically and production-wise).


The Biodynamics model was conceived by Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925), in the 1920’s, an economist, esoteric, philosopher. His idea of pairing sustainable farming along with his more spiritualist philosophies were inspired after visiting a farm in Selesia (Hungary today), having been called to work on the effects of Nitrogen fertilizer use on soil structure over time. Thus, his theory of Anthroposophy (‘anthropo’ meaning human, and ‘sophia’ meaning wisdom) was born within his book Agriculture published in 1924.

生物动力学模型由Rudolf Steiner(1861-1925),这位经济学家、深奥的哲学家在20世纪20年代构思。他的想法在他参观了Selesia(今天的匈牙利)的一个农场后萌生: 将可持续农业与其更多的灵性主义哲学相结合。他之后又被任命研究氮肥在土壤结构中的应用及对土壤结构的影响。因此,他的人类学理论(’anthropo’意为人类,’sophia’意思是智慧)诞生于他1924年出版的农业书籍中。

According to the Biodynamics association “Each biodynamic farm or garden is an integrated, whole, living organism. This organism is made up of many interdependent elements: fields, forests, plants, animals, soils, compost, people, and the spirit of the place. Biodynamic farmers and gardeners work to nurture and harmonize these elements, managing them in a holistic and dynamic way to support the health and vitality of the whole”.


Steiner’s methods included aligning the cosmos with agricultural procedures such as using the lunar calendar, specific days would be dedicated to specific tasks thereby enhancing vineyard health – Root days are good for pruning; Fruit days, for harvesting; Leaf days, for watering; flower days are for leaving the vineyard alone. Steiner also documented the importance of preparation methods for manure mixtures (to be buried over winter) where cows horns are filled with manure and organic materials such as yarrow blossoms, chamomile and stinging nettles (and others) and buried until spring.

Steiner的方法包括将宇宙与农业耕作步骤(例如使用农历)相对应,特定日期将专门用于特定任务,从而加强葡萄园的健康 – “根天”有利于修剪; “果实日”,适宜收获; “叶天”,用来浇水; “花日”则不干扰葡萄园。Steiner还记录了粪便混合物(埋在冬季)的制备方法的重要性。比如将牛角装满粪肥和有机材料,如蓍草花,洋甘菊和刺荨麻(和其他),并埋葬到春天。

Horn Silica is also used, made from ground up quartz crystal, this powder, is buried in the soil, having been placed in cow’s horns over summer, then dug up and added to water, stirred for one hour to charge it, and applied as a mist. It is thought that the light refracting powers of the crystals will attract more warmth and sunlight to the plants.  There are so many other techniques used in this kind of viticulture such as teas and sprays out of herbs and specific cover crops; one thing is clear, this is a very different way of farming compared to large-scale western models. But how does it fare in China?

角质硅石也派上用场,由磨碎的石英晶体制成,这种粉末埋在土壤中,在牛角里存放了整个夏天,然后挖出并加入水中,通过一小时的搅拌来充电,然后以喷雾的形式涂抹。认为晶体的光折射能力将为植物带来更多的温暖和阳光。在这种葡萄栽培中使用了许多其他技术,例如用草药和特定覆盖作物的茶和喷雾剂; 有一点很清楚,与西方大型的耕作模式相比,这是一种非常不同的耕作方式。但它在中国的表现如何呢?

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